Dear Mr. Smith,

We purchased a complete Carrier heating and air conditioning system from American Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning Co., Inc. on March 19, 2010. We would like you to know of our experience with your company. First and foremost, we were treated with patience and respect.  All our questions were answered when we were trying to decide which equipment to buy.  As we learned what Carrier offered, we made changes to which equipment we wanted.  The pros and cons of each change we requested were explained to help us with our decisions. When we signed the contract, we were satisfied that we had made the right choices. When your installation crew arrived, they unloaded the equipment with care.  All the time they were at our home, they were careful to ensure our property was not damaged. The system was installed professionally and expertly.  There were no shortcuts taken.  Because of my technical background, I think I am able to detect poor workmanship.  However, I could see only their sincere efforts to do the best job possible. After the installation was completed and we had a chance to use the system for a few weeks, I had some questions.  Again, because of my background, my questions were extremely technical and probably unusual.  And again, your people responded with courteous and complete answers. Any concerns were addressed.  A few minor changes that you probably were not obligated to do, were done without question. We are completely satisfied!  We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Our thanks to you and your employees, for making this a pleasant experience.

Mr. & Mrs. A Hernando – June 3rd, 2010

On April 14th, 2007, My husband and I had a Carrier Infinity Air Conditioning and Heating system installed. Tax and all it cost us $10,486.00. It was, and is, well worth every dollar! Our utility bills, summer and winter, are chaper than our neighbors, as well as my co-workers in Memphis, TN. We think this system is superior to any other brand – even other units by Carrier. We know we are supposed to love people and like things, but we are IN LOVE with our Carrier Infinity system and would not own anything else. My husband has had a second stroke, and we have been able to save money on our utilities, which helps us afford his medications. Thank you again, We appreciate you selling us this Carrier Infinity System!! P.S. Wish we’d had one sooner!!

Mr. & Mrs. H – June 18th, 2008